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What's a NANDROID BACKUP and how is it different from a NORMAL BACKUP


Ok, I'll keep this one as simple as possible, considering most of our readers are beginners.
Well a Nandroid Backup is nothing new FOR ANYONE reading this post because most of you might have used it in some way or the other across the platform be it Mac, Linux or Windows.

Let's start this off with a question, Windows Users, have you ever created a System Restore Point?
If yes then you are already awareof a Nandroid Backup just take the concept of System Restore on Windows and imagine the same on an Android Subsystem Environment.

Just like you create a  System Restore Point time to time on Windows to avoid the inconvenience in case of OS Failure, you do exactly the same on Android by Creating a NANDROID BACKUP on your SD Storage.

How is it different from a normal backup via Titanium Backup?

The very simple visible difference between a NANDROID BACKUP and a Normal Backup is that NANDROID BACKUP is a full OS backup and in case you screw up while flashing a ROM on
your phone, you can restore your entire OS including the Apps,texts,contacts,call logs UI Mods.

On Titanium Backup  you get the option to do a partial backup of your apps but there's no such option on Nandroid, you are not allowed to make choices apart from making the backup and not making a backup (Which in turn is safe because of the existence of NOOBS on earth :p)

How to perform a NANDROID BACKUP ??

Ah! it's not even close to what you think is DIFFICULT,
Just 2 steps involved :-

Step 1- Boot into Recovery Mode (you need to have Clockwork MOD installed on your Android Device for that)

Step 2- just select the BACKUP OPTION and go for a cup o' coffee, your work is done

And you've backed up stuff successfully.In case yo need to restore the backup, just select RESTORE from SD on booting into RCEOVERY MODE

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Live long and Prosper :)

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