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How To ROOT Your Android Device Without Bricking It

In case you don't have an idea about Rooting, Click Here and read about it before proceeding                      


* USB cable compatible with your device

* PC

* Your Device ( Of Course)

* Rooting Software            

Rooting Software Recommended By Us 

Assuming that most of the readers would be absolute beginners, we would recommend you to go ahead with Root With Restore Bin4ry, it is so far the most reliable tool for beginners and the options are self explanatory. However there are tonnes of other Rooting Tools available, namely Super One Click, Z4 Root and One Click Root  .    

Remember , Every device has a different procedure, this post will for the time being serve as a reference and provide you with an overview of the entire procedure.

                      Download Root With Restore Bin4ry 

Set up your Device for Rooting 

 Ok now that you've downloaded Root With Restore Bin4ry, let's set up the device for Rooting, but before that, install the drivers that shipped with your device on to your Computer. Done ? Well then let's start

Step 1 - Go to  SETTINGS ,click on DEVELOPER OPTIONS and enable USB DEBUGGING as shown in the image below

Step 2 - Go to  SECURITY  under  SETTINGS and enable UNKNOWN SOURCES

Step 3 -  Plug in your phone to the PC via a USB. Now slide down the Notification and connect your device as  USB STORAGE ,  but make sure that USB STORAGE is TURNED OFF !!! 

Let's start now 

 Now that we're ready, let's get started .

* Unzip Root with Restore Bin4ry 

* Open the folder and right click on  RunMe.bat and select  Run as Administrator

* Now on the Terminal Window that appears, choose the relevant option ( Choose 1 if you're not using a Sony Device)

* In a few seconds you'll get the following message on your Device's Screen , simply click on  Restore My Data and you're done...

* Your device will reboot twice and you'll have it Rooted

How to check if your device is successfully Rooted or not 

 It's quite simple. Just browse your App Drawer and you should see the SuperSU App installed.

Now you're all set to tweak with your device

Stay tuned for more Tutorials on Android

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  1. Mim's is unrooted as of now . -_-

  2. I can't do it on my Sony Xperia NeoV (version 2.3.4)..Help pls!

  3. Hello. I am whit HTC One S and I need to be sure my phone wont become a brick. I found and this so if someone have HTC One S please whrite.

  4. my device didnt reboot twice, why is that?

  5. Cant download root with restore binary

  6. I cannot see restore my data on screen

  7. no me sale en el dispositivo el full restore

  8. I've downloaded USB driver from the internet and installed it in my PC but I think the driver is not working.please help..

  9. You can use "Rootkhp" program for root Android smartphones and tablets